The difference between direct sales and network marketing

Sellers, Network marketing, The difference between direct sales and network marketing,

Although the right, serious network marketing companies are an essential part of the associations of direct sales companies in the countries where these national associations exist, it should be noted that there are significant differences in the business model, that is, the compensation plan of rewards.


Sales, Network marketing, The difference between direct sales and network marketing,

In direct sales, you are selling and earning commissions mostly at one level, as a percentage of sales made or contracts signed. Many companies have other benefits for successful sellers, such as rewards and travel, and some have network marketing elements, which adds additional confusion to people.



Multi level marketing, Network marketing, The difference between direct sales and network marketing,

The essence of online marketing is in recommendation, promotion, i.e. oral advertisement. You are primarily engaged in marketing and receive commissions on multiple levels, depending on the amount of traffic generated by your recommendations, i.e. which generates the consumer network that you created. That’s why this model, according to the reward system, is called multi level marketing, i.e. multi-level marketing.

However, in online marketing you can also sell products to end customers and earn revenue from sales. The mischief is due to the fact that some people in network marketing this way of earnings are primary and focused only on sales, which naturally creates the prejudice that network marketing is an acquisition or door-to-door deal.

Don Failla said: “The best way to sell online marketing is to not sell. If there is an idea that sells itself, then this is the idea. ” This does not mean that you do not need to sell products because every true network marketing is based on quality products and their retail sales to an end-user is an essential part. But these sales come from marketing itself.

You transfer information, give people the opportunity and show a business model, and they will choose whether they want to deal with it, that they are registered consumers only for more favorable purchases or to be just ordinary buyers who will buy from you at retail price. It may seem strange why someone will not be involved if it allows for discounts, but there are many such people, you need to respect their decision and take care of the Royal about them, because you are in your business and they are your customers. And do not be ashamed of selling it, because today we are all sellers, only someone sells worse and some better.