The market will get saturate


The market will get saturate is it possible

Saturation among people

By Oxford, the saturation point is the limit beyond which no absorption is possible. In network marketing this would mean that there are no more people who could join the business.

Mathematically or statistically, it can be proved that this is theoretically possible. However, this view does not take into account two aspects of society, which is why practically saturation is absolutely impossible.

The first aspect is the dynamics of the population. It looks different at all times. Every year, many more children are born in the world than people connect to online marketing. Every year, many new children finish schooling and go for business opportunities. The number of people living in the world is growing, and thus the opportunities for network marketing. Even if not so, one has to understand that many people, in network marketing as well as in any other business, give up their business. Many are also involved in the business several times, with the same or different companies. Because not only is the population dynamic, but each one of us as a dynamic individual, in time we move under the influence of life experience and life circumstances.

The second aspect is our emotions. We humans are above all emotional beings. To our actions much more affect emotions than logic. That is why each of us has a different vision and experience of the same thing. We react differently, think differently and act differently. So people in network marketing start working, work, do not work, give up, move again. Someone works fast, some slow. Everyone has their reasons, motives, priorities …

In any case, you do not have to worry about saturation of the market. If you cooperate with a company that has a proven system and quality products, there will always be people looking for a business opportunity and the people who need it.