It is sect / cult / brainwashing

It is sect - cult - brainwashing


When we hear such comments, it should be kept in mind that successful online marketing companies do not respond to many, and that many such malevolent rumors may be marketed by some of the classic trading companies.


In everyday speech, it often happens that someone or something is being dealt with as a “sect”, that one or another has nothing to do with a religious community or a cult. What we have in mind when we say to someone that the “sect” is that it is at least different, often very unusual, and is even more often investigated in what it is doing.

Network Marketing Companies are not engaged in any religious or religious activities or promotions. And if the owners of companies or directors have their own religious beliefs, they certainly do not stand up to anyone or anyone, as it would be a business suicide with independent distrubberies. Precisely because of these malevolent rumors, but also the potential for some distributors to try to promote their peers and other affiliates through business, some online marketing companies have even warned their distributors of such activities with the exclusion of their work. Network marketing is open to everyone, you will meet people of different profiles, from students to retirees, from the uneducated to the highly educated, the unemployed, the poor entrepreneurs, the people of different races, different taxpayers, etc. The only thing that connects these people is the desire to increase the quality of their lives and the decision to do so through their own business in network marketing.

On the other hand, such claims are based on the fact that serious network marketing companies, as well as distibutor groups, invest heavily in the education and motivation of associates, and organize various meetings and seminars for this purpose. It should be noted that such seminars are voluntary, that you as an owner of your business are not obligated to attend, but you will often hear from successful people in online marketing that the vision, as well as the education and motivation they received through the seminars, most influenced the their success in business.

It is sect - cult - brainwashing

Is it sect ?

At seminars, successful associates talk about your experiences, your life paths, and some of them you can identify. It really means a lot, in moments when you are pressing on many problems and even you yourself are never in your own success, you hear people who have had similar challenges and with whom they are battling. You say you can sometimes be really emotional, what we are not used to, and naturally we are having a strange attitude. And just imagine how you would feel when you would have the chance to tell hundreds of thousands of people your life story, spit on the thorns and roses, as well as all the challenges you had to defeat on the road to success. Would that be emotional speech?

The traditional education system is based on learning that it is bad, small feet punish us for every mistake and frighten us in fear of mistakes. That fear of us and as adults is paralyzed, and we make the most of all the mistakes – we do not take action, we do not seem to blame them accidentally. But the most successful in life are those who made the most mistakes because they learned from them, progressed and were better and better. In network marketing we are motivated to overcome the fear of mistakes, to make mistakes and learn from them. Network marketing is not based on punishment of errors, but on rewards and acknowledgments for a well-made job. At seminars, you will get praise, acknowledgment, reward, even for small work results. And this is, of course, weird, because we are mostly accustomed to criticism and condemnation when something is going wrong.

Generally, all this positive philosophy that exudes network marketing may seem strange at first glance, so anyone can comment on it as “brainwashing” or “sect”. By the way, why this term “brainwashing” is mentioned in such a negative context. Is our brain really clean that it does not need washing? If it were, the world would surely be a much more comfortable place to live. But how is it possible for our brain to be clean if we do it everyday with negative things?

What is really dangerous for our brains is the information we daily fill our heads. Our life is the consequence of our thinking, what goes on outside comes from what we carry inside. Therefore, if we are not happy with our life, we have to change the way of thinking. In order to change our thinking, we need to change the ideas we carry in our heads, replacing old patterns of shaping with new ones.

Robert Kiosaki – education provided by good network marketing companies is called life-long education or life-changing business education.