A small percentage of people have succeeded
only those on top earn

A small percentage of people have succeeded

Climb to the top

A small percentage of people have succeeded , and that is the truth, one of the nonsense truths used by losers as an excuse, and the winners as the inspiration and motive to do great things in their lives.

Is there a business where everyone has succeeded? Statistics say that out of every 10 businesses started, eight of them closed for the first two years. Of those who survive, 9 out of 10 will be closed for the next 10 years.

Do you know someone who closed a cafe, a grocery store, a hairdresser, or someone who was practicing some sport but never played professionally. And does this mean that these jobs are bad? Certainly not, because there are those who are successful in these jobs.

Why is that so? Of course, those who have fallen will have their own story and those who have succeeded. You choose whom to listen to and whose path you will follow. We are returning to the fact that network marketing gives everyone the same chance of success. It all depends on you, only from your wishes and wills. Those who have managed to tell you that they did not because they were more talented, smarter, cheerful or richer than others – they were just ready to do what most people did not do. They had a burning desire that had pulled them forward, through good, but above all, the bad moments they had to overcome on their path of success.

It is often heard and commented that in this business they earn those at the top. And in what job it earns at the bottom. Does the restaurant earn more in the one who has a cafe or one who has a restaurant chain? Does the game earn more in the local league club or the one who succeeds in getting the strongest European leagues? Does tennis have more players at 563 on the ATP list or someone in the top 10?

A small percentage of people have succeeded to financial freedom

Climb up to success

Perhaps in some other jobs to the top can come in a variety of ways, but in this business certainly not. You can not buy a position here, because everyone moves from zero, at the beginning they are all at the bottom. And where you will arrive, it depends only on you. It does not matter who you are half or race, who you and your dad, which school you have finished and how many languages ​​you speak, is not important when you have heard about a business idea and when you are in business, it is only what you do from the moment you start your business in network marketing. That’s the only thing that counts.